Eunice-Melissa Njoki Mwaura (born August 5, 1993) known professionally as DJ Melz, is a Kenyan-American DJ and record producer. Mwaura rose to prominence after releasing a series of remixes, hosting events, and original music projects beginning in 2011 under the alias DJ Melz. 


DJ Melz later preceded to Albany State University where she obtained degree in Pre-Medicine (Biology). Mwaura began her career under the name DJ Melz in 2011. In the Summer of 2011, she joined a local dance crew known as (FNM) and continued freestyle dancing in Albany, Ga while attending several Dance Competitions in Atlanta, Ga. While networking with several artists in the entertainment industry, she began to DJ at local night clubs, events and house parties. DJ Melz gained recognition in Albany, Ga as one of the best Dj's (ranked as the best female DJ at ASU).


Whether operating in a studio, club or festival, the music created by DJ Melz is exceptionally great.

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